Join me at ECPP 2024 in Innsbruck

The 11th European Conference on Positive Psychology will take place in Innsbruck from 10th to 13th July. Join me as I present the progress so far on my doctoral research into the use of Appreciative Inquiry to improve whole school wellbeing.

For my Professional Doctorate in Education (EdD) at the University of Derby, I am doing a case study into the use of Appreciative Inquiry to improve whole school wellbeing in a primary school in the North of England.

The additional challenge is that this is already a fantastic school with a strong and palpable focus on wellbeing, so I knew from the start that I’d have my work cut out for me!

You can read a little bit about what we’ve done so far in my previous blog post.  At ECPP 2024 in Innsbruck, I will share what we did and the early themes / findings from my research to date, as I approach the final data gathering stages before (gulp!), I start analysing data in earnest and writing up my thesis!

Join me at 8.30am on 11th July – there is still time to get your ECPP 2024 ticket if you don’t have one yet.

ECPP 2024 promises to be, yet again, an enlightening mix of keynotes from leading and emerging researchers, symposia, oral and poster presentations, and workshops, themed around 3 general categories:

  • Positive Psychology: Theory / Basic Research
  • Positive Psychology / Applied Research
  • Positive Psychology: Practice


Additionally, there will be a phenomenal line-up of pre-conference workshops, and a conference dinner set in spectacular surroundings.


I find these conferences uplifting and energising, not only because they are such a big boost of professional and academic knowledge development, but because they are opportunities to connect with new people and re-connect with fellow Positive Psychology practitioners, researchers and students from around the world.  In fact, that is the part I always look forward to the most!


Unfortunately, I will have to “speak and run” this year, as my youngest daughter, Hannah, is graduating on the afternoon of 12th July (she will, after working so hard for years and dreaming about this since early childhood, be Dr Hannah Roberts!).  I couldn’t miss that for anything in the world!!!


And, as it happens, once we had made our family holiday plans (holiday in Northern Italy with the last day in Innsbruck for the conference), I was contacted by my Speaker Agent, Claire Rackham at Inspirational Speakers, about delivering a keynote on the morning of 12th July. 


So, after ECPP 2024, and before dashing off to watch Hannah graduate (waterproof mascara at the ready!), I will also present the opening keynote at the 2nd day of the Derbyshire School Leadership Conference 2024


As gutted as I am about not being able to stay for the whole of ECPP 2024, it has all worked out for the best 🙂


See you in Innsbruck … or in Derby the next day?!