Happiness Multiplied

Happiness Multiplied

Happiness leads to more happiness That’s my theory, anyway!   The more I talk about happiness, read about happiness and write about happiness, the happier I seem to become.  Starting from a pretty strong happiness base anyway, it always amazes […]

Is Happiness a Science?

The Happiness Podcast Episode 2 :  Is Happiness a Science? Can you work at #happiness?  Can you deliberately make yourself #happy?  Are we born happy or #unhappy? Find out the answers and the science behind happiness in this brief podcast. […]

Is Happiness a Deliberate State of Mind?

The Happiness Podcast Episode 1: Is Happiness a Deliberate State of Mind? listen to ‘Is Happiness a deliberate state of mind? ’ on Audioboo   Is happiness a choice?  Is it a deliberate state of mind or a mere circumstance? […]